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MTPA’s continuing commitment to patients

Tatyana Baranovsky
Market Access

After diagnosis with a serious illness, patients and their loved ones are often forced to come to terms with challenging news while simultaneously learning how to navigate a complex and evolving healthcare landscape. Through her role, Tatyana Baranovsky, Trade Channel Strategy in Market Access at MTPA, focuses on providing information to patients and providers to gain access to prescribed MTPA medications.

Explain what the Market Access team does.

The objective of the Market Access team is to help to remove the barriers to patient access to prescribed therapy. This requires working with a number of different access stakeholders important throughout the patient journey. This can include insurers, prescribers and sites-of-care where treatment can be provided. We strive to make complex payer policies and logistics easier for providers and patients to navigate.

Help me understand your role on a day-to-day basis.

In the U.S. healthcare market, we have a diverse set of payers that have unique reimbursement policies, and can make each system challenging to understand. My job focuses on delivering solutions that help patients and the internal stakeholders to navigate these complex payer and reimbursement systems. It is a privilege to be able to help so many patients and their families by helping them access their prescribed medications.

What is something you have learned from working in this role?

I am grateful to have the opportunity at MTPA which enables me to directly experience complex market access issues that affect the lives of patients. I have a great deal of diversity in my day-to-day priorities, which keeps me consistently engaged and improves my breadth of understanding the U.S. healthcare market. This role is extremely meaningful for me, and it allows me to have a more positive impact on patients within an ever changing reimbursement environment.

I am grateful to have the opportunity at MTPA which enables me to directly experience complex market access issues that affect the lives of patients.

What is your biggest motivator?

I like being the person that comes up with solutions in complex situations. I work with a strong, collaborative team, while having the autonomy to lead initiatives – that dynamic motivates me every day. To that end, I find it equally as important to contribute to initiatives which may be outside of my immediate responsibilities.

Have there been any experiences in your personal life that have shaped your work at MTPA?

I’ve lived with family members that have been afflicted with devastating progressive disease. I saw first-hand how difficult such diseases can be on families, ranging from emotional, financial and logistical implications. Caregivers have to balance their own daily life with the ones they care for, and that is challenging. Having gone through this experience, I tackle my day-to-day tasks by keeping the patient and their caregivers in mind.