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This Return Goods Policy (“Return Policy”) for Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc. (“MTPA”) applies to any MTPA product (“Product”) sold in the United States and its territories. It applies to Product that is purchased from an In Network Distributor (“Distributor”) by a provider that is duly licensed to dispense or administer the Product (“Provider”). MTPA reserves the right to change its Return Goods Policy at any time.

  1. Items Returnable for Credit: Product is eligible for credit from Providers where the Product satisfies the requirements in any of the sub-sections (A) through (G) below.
    1. Expired Product – Product that is returned no earlier than expiration of the Product and no later than six (6) months after the expiration of the Product. Expiration is the last day of the month indicated on the packaging. Contact MTPA’s Order/Returns Service at (844) 529‑8990.
    2. Product Quality Complaint (“PQC”)  Product that is unusable due to deficiencies related to the identity, quality, durability, reliability, safety, effectiveness or performance. This includes reports of product, labeling, packaging or product container defects, or failure of the product to meet specifications or perform as expected. Contact MTPA Medical Information at (888)292-0058. This category excludes returns due to mishandling, which are outlined in Section 1.C below.
    3. Mishandled Product – Product that is spoiled and unable to be administered if spoilage was due to one of the events below. Contact MTPA Medical Information at
      1. Product was mishandled, dropped, or broken.
      2. Product was stored outside of specified temperature range.
      3. Product was spiked incorrectly, (e.g. off-center, twist, angle, too deep)
      4. Oxygen sensor was purple/blue due to mishandling.

      Additional conditions for credit for mishandled Product:

      1. MTPA will issue credit upon receiving returned Product, until it is determined that Provider’s cap has been met or exceeded.
      2. Providers that request credit in these circumstances may be asked or required to undergo product administration training as a condition of receiving the reimbursement, in the sole discretion of MTPA.
    4. Product Ordered by a Provider for Specific Patient That Could Not Be Used – Product not administered because Patient or Provider chose to discontinue therapy for any reason (exception: if discontinuation decision due to a potential adverse event; see Section F.)
      1. If Provider is unable to use purchased Product on a different Patient within 4 months of invoice date, credit may be provided, subject to a cap. Contact MTPA Medical Information at (888)292-0058 for more information or to report Product that cannot be used.
    5. Shipping errors/ Damaged Shipments – Product shipped from MTPA, or 3PL, to Distributor that is damaged in transit. Contact MTPA’s Order/Returns Service at (844) 529‑8990 no later than 30 days of receipt of Product.
    6. Potential Adverse Event – Contact MTPA Medical Information at (888)292-0058 no later than one (1) business day of receipt of the information.
    7. Product Recall – Product that MTPA, in its sole discretion, has specified to be returned and authorized for credit.
  2. Authorization Procedure – All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization (“RA”)
    1. Contact the appropriate party as indicated in Section 1.
    2. For product returns, MTPA will provide a Breakage and Complaint Claim Form (“Form”) to the Provider to complete.
    3. While an RA may be issued, it is not a guarantee of reimbursement.
    4. The following items are required to be returned to the address listed on the RA for each individual product return:
      1. Original invoice
      2. RA
      3. The physical Product itself
    5. If a full carton (two bags) of Product is returned, credit will be issued for the full carton. If only one bag of Product is returned, credit will be issued for half a carton.
    6. Provider must return Product within thirty (30) days of receiving the RA.
    7. MTPA reserves the right to inspect all authorized returns and a credit memo will be issued only for Product returned in accordance with the terms of this Return Policy and applicable law.
    8. MTPA will audit the quantities of return goods and final reimbursement will be based on MTPA’s counts.
  3. Basis of Credit
    1. A credit memo will be issued at the wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) in effect at the time of purchase or contracted price paid, whichever is lower.
    2. Reimbursements to Providers for returned Product will be issued as a credit through the Provider’s Distributor.
    3. Reimbursement will be determined by MTPA in its sole discretion.
  4. Return Shipments
    1. MTPA incurs the cost for processing and destruction of Products that are returned properly and in accordance with this Return Policy.
    2. MTPA will not assume responsibility for charges incurred by customers using other means for processing returns and destruction.
  5. Items Not Returnable for Credit
    1. If already billed or submitted to insurance, or a co-pay or co-insurance payment was received.
    2. Shipping errors or Product damaged in transit from Distributor to Provider. Providers should contact their Distributor for reimbursement; MTPA is not responsible.
    3. Product not purchased directly from an MTPA Distributor.
    4. Product destroyed or damaged from insurable causes (e.g., fire or catastrophe).
    5. Product distributed at no charge.
    6. Product that has been sold expressly on a non-refundable basis.
    7. Product obtained illegally or via diverted means.
    8. Product purchased on behalf of other manufacturers, institutions, contract research organizations, or others for use in clinical trials or studies, Phase IV studies, or for charitable donations.
    9. Product not in original containers.
    10. Product with labels removed or illegible.
    11. Product involved in salvage, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.
    12. Private label or repackaged Products.
    13. Product for which proof of purchase cannot be verified.
    14. Product that is returned in a manner that does not comply with applicable law.
  6. Additional Conditions
    1. MTPA will not be responsible for Product that is destroyed by any party other than MTPA’s Authorized Return Goods Vendor and proof of destruction will not be accepted in lieu of an actual return.  All eligible Products shipped to MTPA must be shipped in a safe, secure, and reliable manner and in compliance with all applicable law.  MTPA is not responsible for shipments lost and/or damaged in transit.  MTPA recommends that all customers insure return goods shipments.
    2. MTPA reserves the right to audit the amounts reimbursed for return goods for a period of up to three (3) years from when the payment or credit was issued.  If the audit determines that a customer was paid/credited in excess of the amounts specified per this Return Policy then MTPA will be allowed at its election to either: (i) withhold payments/credits for future return goods, or (ii) invoice the customer for the amount of the return goods overpayment and the customer must make payment within thirty (30) days upon receipt of invoice.
  7. Important Information
    • MTPA has the right to modify or discontinue this Policy at any time without notice.  Nothing in this Policy should be construed to be a guarantee of the safety or effectiveness of Product.  The treating healthcare provider is solely responsible for ensuring that Product delivered to the patient is dosed and infused in a manner consistent with the FDA-approved labeling and sound medical judgment.